I got to help Dave (owner of IndyInk) print out some fun hoodies for Brave New World Tattoo. They where a blast to print, and with the two of us printing it only took about 2 hours for the whole deal. I you want to scoop one of these up you can find them at Brave New World Tattoo in Denver.

LJ Designs is a jewelry business based in New Mexico, and it happens to be owned and operated by my mother Lease Johnson. I designed this modern lockout logo for her to hang on product, as well as some small price tags that go with the overall design. I learned a lot on the computer end of design process working on this project. Using Adobe Illustrator is getting a lot more fluid. This print job also pushed my skills with the press.

Love Tree. Another original drawing by my love B$$$$$$, printed in a run of 30. I like this brown and blue combo, and I was super lucky to score this paper as it is well weighted. This was a pretty fun run of prints, and I really enjoy seeing something turn out that was simply drawn onto tracing paper. Cutting out the digital elements to execution is exciting for me, and when you have a great artist like B drawing for you it always seems to work out. More to come soon.

Over the weekend I printed some posters for a crossfit gym here in the Denver area. Very good design on both posters although I am unsure who the designer is. I started this project believing it was gonna be easy, and I was super wrong. That large black fill was quite a challenge to get even and clean. Overall it was a great success, but the quality of the prints where not up to the standard I would like to see of my own work. Time to start trying harder. More to come real soon.

Printed some pennants this last week for a family looking to show some support for their main man Dan @ the Ironman 2013 Tahoe. This project was really fun, and I was able to acquire the assistance of the lovely bmoneysblog to expidite the drying process. Good luck Dan! If I find out how he did I will post. This print consisted of black ink on yellow felt.

I printed some business cards to hand out for the few month(s) as I am printing paper goods for Indyink while their printer is away on “art-cation”. This is one of my first full designs process: paper sketch > full computerized vector image > final product. The back of the card is  really what I like, as it shows how small of a text size (.3pt) I can manage to print clearly. Will post up some pictures of the original sketch and a better example of the text on the card. Over all happy with this one.

Maker Coffee whole bean bags, the first 50. This job has been quite a challenge. The material that these bags are made out of is really causing some printing issues. Had to build a custom pallet that houses one bag at a time, only have 950 more to go.

Printed some nail polish bags recently for a good friend caddiemadigan who is quickly getting into the nail business. Watch out ladies, YEAH Nails YEAH is gonna kill it with some custom nail polish. You can check out her tumblr for more info and scope some pics of painted nails (wont find any on here ^__^)

My boss at INDY INK picked up this 990 Series cylindrical printing press, and is used for printing on rounded objects such as pint glasses, coffee mugs, bottles, etc. This press is so sweet, and printing on these pint glasses was way fun! I am amazed at the detail and how clean they really turned out. I will for sure have some more glass printed on soon, really cant wait to get my own design on some.

Worked on these fun posters for the 11th annual Sunnyside Music Fest. Printed on 3 colors of paper, with white and black ink. I was able to finish this whole job in one 3 hour session in the studio (not including pre-press time here). If you find yourself looking for something to do this coming Saturday, head on over to the Highlands in Denver for this groovy jam-fest.

This was the most challenging poster I worked on before ART CRANK Denver. Mixing color to pantone specs set by the artist was a great challenge, and for this poster the artist came by the studio and did a quick press check with me. This was a really good thing as we did change some for the colors I had worked up before we put ink to the screen.

Printed 30 tees for my boiez Best Creeps that will be shredding @LostLake this Friday. Turns out that white ink can be a real bitch on black, and to get solid coverage on the shirt I was having to flash and hit the shirt again. I am pretty satisfied with the resulting image, and learned a whole lot from this project. Best Creeps has more ideas in the works and so do I. Check back soon for more

ps: I will be posting credit to the artist for this sweet image he made for Creeps. I just have to get hit name from the band.


My wonderful girlfriend celebrated her birthday this weekend with her friends and family. I am so stoked I got to be there for this.

I love you B